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Guitar Learning System

Easiest and most effective guitar learning system.


Great demand!

Easiest and most effective guitar learning system.

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Learn to play guitar fast

Adults or children, young or old, anyone can quickly and easily learn to play the guitar.

Quick progression

Suitable for all ages

Fun Learning

Play Guitar in no time like a pro!

You can easily learn to the guitar by sorting all the strings into specific combinations and distinguishing chords according to the color of the keys.

Play 4-chord songs in G major – with no problem at all.

Remove the color-coded tabs – when you are ready to start playing chords on the strings.

Suitable for full-size electric and acoustic guitars – And full size guitars that are designed for left and right handed players.

Package includes – 1 x Guitar Learning Tools.

(Rated 4,8/5 from 629 satisfied buyers)

(Rated 4,8/5 from 629 satisfied buyers)

Reviews from customers who bought this product



I personally love it! It's fun, it's easy, and you do learn lots of great strumming techniques😁😁

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2 hours ago



A good system for a person to get a basic knowledge of basic chords, and chord movement😄

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22 hours ago



Love the simplicity of strumming the chords and learning songs again!😁😁

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10 hours ago



The chord buddy is a great device for people of all ages. You just press one of the tabs four colours for perfect chords😄😄😄😄

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9 hours ago



Within a couple of minutes of attaching the Chord Buddy I was banging out all the chords to be able to play… “Watch out world I’m on the way up to music stardom !”😄👏👏

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23 hours ago



I made more progress in an hour with this system than I had made before in 5 years!🙌🙌

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13 hours ago

(Rated 4,8/5 from 629 satisfied buyers)

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Harold Simmons recommends Vikiclick

11. April at 15:46

I got excited everytime I see that the new product from VikiClick is out and with what will they surprise us this time. Amazing how many quality products they have, and even better service!


Vikiclick Thank you for your purchase and also for the amazing feedback for which we will provide you with even better shopping service every day!

Teresa Butler recommends Vikiclick

24. May at 24:53

I like that there is absolutely no problem with giving a product back if it is not okay. The service is amazing and the people are very kind and understandable!


Vikiclick We are at your service with pleasure and we are glad that you recognize how much we care about your satisfaction with our products and services.

Peter Hunter recommends Vikiclick

07. June at 23:17

Top quality service, kindness and customer satisfaction come first. Vikiclick you are the best!


Vikiclick Thank you!

Alice Cox recommends Vikiclick

14. April at 17:24

With them I found solutions to many of my problems! I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants truly top service and great products!


Vikiclick We truly thank you and we are happy to be here for you!

Joey Evans recommends Vikiclick

05. October at 18:30

I can't wait for your new products! You are amazing VikiClick!


Vikiclick We always prepare only the best for our customers! Thank you very much!

Julie Martinez recommends Vikiclick

27. March at 22:19

Top quality, safety and kindness! I said it all! VikiClick all praise and recommendations!


Vikiclick We are honored! Thank you! We will do our best in the future to maintain top standards, because of you!

Anne Birger recommends Vikiclick

08. August at 16:32

I once ordered wrong number of leggings! And got scared that I can’t return them. But the service of Vikiclick got it all covered. They also wrote me an e-mail of support and understanding. In my oppinion, VikiClick really stands out!


Vikiclick Thank you! We appreciate it!

Peter Bellinger recommends Vikiclick

24. June at 20:46

I like that they have low and affordable prices! And delivery is very fast! All in one!


Vikiclick Thank you!

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